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Nome: Raju Ranjan Kumar Paswan
Raju Ranjan Kumar Paswan
I am a first year doctoral candidate (Erasmus Mundus Scholarship) in Business and Management Studies. I have selected Human Resources and Management as an area of specialization. My research interest includes Social Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, Organisational Theory, Leadership, and Innovation. I choose School of Economics and Management, University of Porto, a prestigious university, to enhance and give my career an international exposer. First year of doctoral programme in business and management at FEP is inbuilt with comprehensive course works and I believe these painstaking works are essential in order to develop perfect research skills and also to contribute to the knowledge in theory and practice. I really appreciate teachers here for their friendly environment and their effort to provide expertise knowledge.
Faculdade de Economia da
Universidade do Porto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias,
4200-464 Porto - PORTUGAL tel | +351 225 571 100
fax | +351 225 505 050 http://www.fep.up.pt