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Paulo Pereira, PhD

The Master in Finance is a two years full-time programme totally taught in English, designed under the rules of the Bologna Protocol. The programme offers scientific and professional training in the areas of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, which is suitable for those intending to pursue their scientific and technical education in the area of Finance.
The programme has a flexible structure, both in terms of curriculum and duration, and gives students the flexibility to adapt the electives to their personal interests and career prospects. The Master programme concludes with the preparation of a dissertation, project work, or professional traineeship, all of which under the scientific supervision of a faculty member.
The Master in Finance offers advanced and innovative second cycle tuition, the quality of which is ensured by the school faculty, composed of a highly qualified academic staff, with extensive and relevant experience in management and consultancy activities. It is based on up-to-date learning methods, including the presentation of concepts and theoretical models, and an extensive use of case studies.
Candidates must be available for a demanding full-time programme, with classes running during the day and extensive extra class work. The second year of the programme can be compatible with a professional activity.
» Paulo Pereira, PhD (President)
» Claúdia Ribeiro, PhD
» Júlio Lobão, PhD
» Miguel Sousa, PhD

» Jorge Alexandre Ferreira (CEO, BA Vidro, SA)
» Jorge Sousa Teixeira (Exec. Director,BPI Gestão de Activos);
» Afonso Barros (Managing Partner, Inter Risco);
» José Redondo (CFO, BIAL);
» Henrique Cruz (Former Vice-President, IGFCSS);
» Alexandre Mota (Executive Director, Golden Broker);
» José Basílio Simões (President and CEO, ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, S.A);
» Gonçalo Faria (CFA, Invited Professor at Queen Mary, University of London);
» Eduardo Carqueja (Founder & CEO, AppGeneration);
» Maria Correia (London Business School);
» Rui Vieira (Partner, Ernst & Young);
» Pedro Sismeiro (CFO, Cordex);
» Luiz Paiva de Sousa (Pictet);
» Paulo Gaspar (Deloitte);
» João Amaro (Inter-Risco);
» Vítor Duarte (Sonae Sierra);
» Hugo Marques(Deloitte);
» Pedro Costa (Morgan Stanley).

The Master in Finance is a full-time programme that aims to train specialists in Financial Markets and Corporate Finance, providing the analytical and technical skills needed to carry out professional activities in the area of Finance, which is becoming increasingly demanding. The programme will provide an adequate balance between theory and practice and expose students to new and complex realworld financial problems, promoting resolution and decision-making based on the fundamentals, models and latest techniques in Finance.

The candidates should have a degree in Management, Economics or in a related field and be fluent in English.
The programme is suitable for those wishing to acquire the skills necessary to develop a career in Finance.
It also suits those who require adequate scientific training in order to pursue graduate studies.
Professional experience is not a prerequisite. The candidates should be available for a full-time programme.

The Master in Finance is in the 35th place in the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2014-2015 of the best programmes of Corporate Finance in Western Europe.

24,2% International Students





The master’s programme comprises:
» An organized set of subjects that account for 75 ECTS credits.This part of the programme leads to the grant of a master’s programme diploma in Finance, but not an academic degree.
» A dissertation, or an original work written specifically for the master’s programme, or a professional traineeship (in Portugal or abroad) combined with a final report, which accounts for 45 of the total 120 ECTS credits ranted by the programme. The public oral presentation of the dissertation or report in viva voce can lead to the award of a Master’s degree in Finance.

Master’s in Finance has been accepted into the CFA Institute University Recognition Programme. This status granted to
institutions whose degree programme(s) incorporate at least 70% of the CFA Programme Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK), wich provide students witg a solid grounding in the CBOK and positions them well to sit for the CFA exams.

Master in Finance is entitled to award three CFA Programme Awareness Scholarships to students each fiscal year, as detailed in the Awareness Scholarship Official Rules.



89 universities in 30 countries

» Includes one semester of studies
» Mobility period: 2nd semester of the first year of the programme
» Applications are due in September, when students start their master’s programmes
» The mobility is funded under ERASMUS +

» FEP promotes national or international curricular and extracurricular internships , with the primary goal of providing real experience in the labour market
» FEP also supports ERASMUS + internships under the ERASMUS programme.

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The deadline for applications is april 9, 2015.
Applications must be submitted online (www.fep.up.pt), with the following documents:
» Copy of ID Card or Passport;
» Curriculum vitae;
» A letter stating the applicant’s motivation for applying;
» Academic qualifications certificates (including subject certificates);
» Two letters of recommendation (required to all candidates except to FEP graduate;

The selection and ranking of candidates will be made according to the following criteria:

» 70% Academic CV (Undergraduate degree average mark; adequacy of the undergraduate degree with the master; additional training (master, post-graduation degrees or course units of master level concluded; GMAT)
­» 10% Professional CV (relevance of the activities, of the scientific area in relation to the activities developed and the duration of the activities);
­» 10% Extracurricular activities (relevance and duration of the activities);
­» 10% Motivation (choosing the master as a 1st option; motivation letter of the candidate; courses of master level, an interview might be requested).
­» Presentation of 2 letters of recommendation for applicants who did not complete the undergraduate degree at FEP.



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"As a current student of the Master in Finance at FEP, I found the programme quite challenging and intensive but still refreshingly innovative and rewarding. Coming from a small country in the Caribbean, I knew that if I wanted to get further in my career I would have to further my studies internationally. FEP was my first choice because it is one of the top schools in Portugal and also because my ancestors hailed from Portugal. To this day the degree at FEP has not disappointed but has greatly exceeded my expectations. The hospitality of the people, the professionalism of the staff and the programme content shows me that the decision to study at FEP was one of the best I have ever made.”Phil Rose, Antigua e Barbuda


"The Master in Finance of the University of Porto School of Economics and Management allowed me to develop solid foundations for a future career in the financial sector. The programme provided me not only the required technical knowledge, but also a wide range of opportunities to apply it, such as the FEP Finance Club. Through the latter, I was also able to improve my soft skills, as well as to network with professionals, spread through the most relevant financial institutions in the World.”David Novo, MiF Graduate










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