Programmes in English

A key feature of FEP is its stress on the provision of programmes and courses taught in English. It provides International students who do not command Portuguese language the opportunity to study in English while adding up to their curriculum the fact that they are living in a Portuguese speaking country, a language spoken all over the world and the third most widely spoken European language. The University of Porto and FEP offer several opportunities for attending intensive language training. FEP offers courses taught in English in its Economics and Management bachelor degree programmes. At FEP there are also 4 Masters programmes and 2 PhD programmes that are wholly taught in English: i.e. the Master in Economics, the Master in Finance, the Master in Management and the Master in Data Analytics, and the PhD in Economics and the PhD Business and Management Studies.

The number of courses taught in English has more than tripled in recent years and there are currently 115 curriculum units taught in English at FEP, in the various educational cycles (undergraduate, masters and PhD).

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