The main building of FEP was considered a monument of public interest.

In June 1974, the building of the School of Economics and Management was one of the first to be built in the Asprela Campus, where today most of the public and private higher education schools are found, as well as research centres.

Designed by Architect Viana de Lima, the architecture of the building (its first project dates back to 1960) is a mix of the author’s modern insight and the more conservative taste of the authorities of the time. The building has courtyards and galleries in a traditional structure (cloisters) and it is formed by geometric solids. Split into four floors, the various areas of the building are linked by a common element - the module.

Since 1972 until now, the FEP premises have undergone various expansion works and today occupy a total built area of about 3 500 sq.m. (Construction of the Post-Graduate Courses Building, by architect Camilo Cortesão).


Note also the building occupied by Post-Graduate studies.

At the main entrance an obelisk, designed by the sculptor José Rodrigues, streamlines the volumetry and the contour lines of the building. This work was the result of a long collaboration between the sculptor and the architect Viana de Lima, as 1964 design, in the catalogue dedicated to the work of the architect.

One of the main features of the main building are the large glazed corridor that contrasts with the imposing concrete.




Main Building
Main Hall (about 950 sq.m) – this ample area near "Bar dos Alunos” (Student’s snack-bar) is one of the busiest areas for FEP students and satisfies all the conditions for the promotion of books and companies. It is used for events such as the Job Fair, Volunteering Fair, Open Day, etc. There is a similar corridor on Floor 2.

Central Corridor (225 sq.m) – this corridor links both entrances of the Main Building. With direct access to the two indoor gardens, this is a prime venue for a reception or catering. There is a similar corridor on Floor 2.


Grand Hall

As its name indicates, this is the most important room of the School of Economics and Management, University of Porto. Designed by architect Viana de Lima, this grand room has a ceiling height over 10 metres and sits about 500 people. It is marked by a copper panel on stage which, in addition to providing excellent acoustics, is also considered a work of art.
The Grand Hall is used primarily for ceremonies, receptions and presentation of companies, seminars and conferences. The room was substantially improved with the installation of a video-projector and a modern sound system.

Other Amphitheatres

The School of Economics and Management, University of Porto also has other amphitheatres located in the Main Building, which are appropriate for classes and adapted for presentations and/or training sessions for a large number of people.
The Main Building has wide glazed corridors with ample room for exhibitions, job fairs, presentations, etc.



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